Trauma-Focused Counseling

Overcome Your Painful Past

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Painful experiences from your past can leave a lasting impression and negatively affect other parts of your life. This is called a fight or flight trauma response, and it's your brain's natural way of protecting you from more harmful experiences.

But sometimes there's no danger around when your trauma response is triggered, which can make everyday life situations feel unbearable. If you're always fighting or fleeing from perceived danger, you'll never get to appreciate the finer things in life.

Work through your lingering trauma with Hope Fowler at Envisioning Hope Counseling Services LLC. We offer personalized trauma-focused therapy for people of all ages. No matter what trauma you carry or how your trauma presents itself, we'll work together to overcome the pain that is holding you back.

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Fight back against painful memories

People can experience feelings of trauma from all types of painful, harmful and frightening events. Many people seek trauma counseling after:

  • Leaving an abusive relationship
  • Witnessing a tragic accident
  • Experiencing loss or abandonment
Trauma-focused therapy is rooted in understanding the connection between the traumatic experience and your emotional and behavioral responses to it. By understanding your response to certain situations, you'll be able to better process and cope with your emotions and memories tied to that experience.